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Code to Activate SimulationXpress

Tips and Tricks Sriram Krishnan 26 June 2020

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Code to Activate SimulationXpress

SOLIDWORKS provides an entry-level stage design verification tool called SimulationXpresscomes with SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional and Premium Licenses. With SimulationXpress initial design validation for a part can be performed.

activation code

To activate SimulationXpress after SOLIDWORKS Installation, it is mandatory to receive an activation code from My SOLIDWORKS account.

Launch SOLIDWORKS-> Create New/Open a document.

Under Tools–>Xpress Products, Select SimulationXpress. It will launch the “Enable SimulationXpress” window.

Enabling SimulationXpress

Select My SOLIDWORKS.com/xpress link

Enable SimulationXpress dialog


After logging into MySOLIDWORKS.com/Xpress, enter the SOLIDWORKS serial number, version, and the Xpress product required for activation. Click “Get My Code”.

Get My Code

The activation code will be displayed.

activation code displayed

The SimulationXpress requires a Solid body to launch.

 Solidworks SimulationXpress dialog

After creating a solid body and launching SimulationXpress, the code can be entered in the Enable SimulationXpress window. And the SimXpress window opens and will remain enabled from then.

Enable SimulationXpress window

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