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Custom Door Leaf

Tips and Tricks Matthew Musgrove 6 December 2022

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Custom Door Leaf

The CI Doors+Windows tool includes a number of inbuilt door panel styles. However, if you want to design something a little more interesting, you can create a Custom Door Leaf.

First, use slabs to draw the door leaf in plan view. Remember to set pens, materials and section attributes as you want them to appear when converted to a door leaf.

Slab used to draw the door leaf

Select the slabs, and from the File menu choose Libraries and Objects > Save Selection as…..

A dialog will come up listing all the component types you can create. Choose Door Leaf. In the next dialog choose a name and save the component into the Embedded Library.

In the CI Tools Door Settings dialog, navigate to the Door leaf type tab and set the Leaf Type to Custom.

CI Tools Door Settings

Choose the new Custom Door Leaf from the list.


The new leaf will be inserted into the frame.

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