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Decimate Mesh-Solidworks 2020 What’s New

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 22 October 2021

With the extending capabilities of Reverse Engineering and increasing number of 3D scanners, the demand for handling Mesh data for a CAD Software has also increased. The capabilities to import Mesh files, edit mesh, convert directly into Solids/surfaces or use as reference to create geometry in CAD applications are being reckoned.

3D CAD software including Solidworks already have leverage to deal with the imported Mesh data such as STL but it was never too simple until Solidworks 2020 introduced a very basic addition to it’s features called “Mesh Decimation” that allows users to dramatically reduce the number of polygons to whatever extent required. Even though higher quality mesh(number of polygons) are more accurate but extraneous polygons are just going to slow the down the performance and have a very less impact on the output accuracy.

Decimate Mesh-how it works:

The feature is included in the base package of Solidworks 2020 and is very easy to use. Let’s start with an example


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