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Exporting IFC from Archicad – Data Conversion

Tips and Tricks Carolina Bundchen 13 March 2024

Exporting IFC from Archicad – Data Conversion

When working with IFC, the model data gets imported or exported according to your IFC Translator settings. This tool sets the guidelines for converting elements and deciding how they’re understood, whether it’s in ARCHICAD or the external app reading the IFC file. It’s like the rulebook that ensures everyone speaks the same language when sharing models.

To ensure a good BIM workflow, is important to understand how a Translator is built. Archicad’s template already contains many preset Translators for you to use out of the box. The translator is composed of Conversion Presets, such as “Data Conversion”, in which the user can determine which data will be exported and which data is not relevant for that IFC export.

When you’re making changes to a Preset, always opt to create a new one instead of overwriting the standard setting. Additionally, be mindful of the data you include, as more information packed into an IFC means a larger file size. It’s about finding that sweet spot between including necessary information and keeping the file size manageable.


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