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How to Create a Composite

Tips and Tricks Khan 4 September 2023

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Open the Element settings  (Wall, Slab, Roof etc.) to either select a predefined Composite from your project / Template file or create a new one according to your requirements.

In the Geometry and Positioning Panel, click the “Composite” icon.

Use the pop-up to select a predefined composite structure.

Edit & Manage Composites

Options > Element Attributes > Composites

For example, I want to create new Floor Composite / Slab for a Timber Decking with nomenclature as FS08: Joists 140+40mm Decking, which is currently unavailable in my selection of composites in SLAB tool. You can also define a composite structure to be used with Wall, Slab, Roof and Shell, or just in a single element SLAB. So this new composite will only appear in the composite pop-ups of SLAB settings.

Watch this Video in the link to see the demonstration of creating this new Composite – https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/BgCPxAh1Zn



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