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Tips and Tricks Joshua Osborne 16 February 2021

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No, this isn’t another article about working from home and dealing with having just yourself for company. No, this is about Doors and Windows. Specifically, about Collating them in your schedule, but Isolating based on certain criteria.

As you might already know, you can choose to have your Door and Window schedules group all identical elements together – we call it collating. When you do this, it shows just 1 tem in the schedule, and tells you how many of them there are, and lists out all their IDs.

However, there may be cases where you want to use this function, but not group together certain types – that’s where isolation comes in. there’s a control just below the Collation option that lets you tell the schedule to treat certain types of doors and windows as if they were different after all.

The orientation is a commonly used one, but there are also options to isolate based on their hardware settings, handing, 2d attributes and several others:

Selecting Isolate Settings

Just tick the boxes for what you want to isolate, and you’re set!

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