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Library Housekeeping

Tips and Tricks Matthew Musgrove 29 December 2022


Library Housekeeping

When you launch a project or a new template does the library error appear?

Do you have lots of obsolete or duplicate objects in your template? As the year comes to and end and we enter into a quiet period its a great time to take the time to rearrange your library.

  • Delete any duplicated objects from your template file.
  • Delete everything from your Embedded Library – this library is only for project specific objects.
  • Consolidate Multiple Archicad Libraries – this removes obsolete or duplicate libraries from your file.
  • Remove unused Linked Libraries
  • Make sure your project specific libraries are not located in cloud servers, you can run into problems with your project here. Locate your libraries in a dedicated folder on a server computer or in your Archicad Library folder under program files.
  • Create your own Library Container File to manage those miscellaneous objects you have gathered.

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