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New Graphic Override options

Tips and Tricks Natalie Adams 10 March 2022

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Since the release of ARCHICAD 25, you can select any RGB colour in Graphic Override Rules to override surfaces and fill background pens.
You no longer need to create a matching pen and surface to synchronize visualization between 2D and 3D views.
In Update 2, you can:

Set Transparency Percentage when using RGB Surface Override

Use the new slider to control the transparency of the RGB colour.
Easily adjust the appearance of elements without having to generate new and dedicated Surface Attributes

Hide Cut and Uncut Model Contours for Model View

Separately, control the visibility of elements’ cut and uncut contours in model views, such as in the 3D window or Sections and Elevations.
This allows you to easily hide Zone contours in Sections, or hide uncut contours of complex elements in the 3D window such as Mesh to better highlight other elements.

These help you draw attention to the elements you want to emphasize.

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