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Saving your work will save you time!

Tips and Tricks Jenna Durham 29 August 2023


Saving your work will save you time!

Remember to save your work regularly! This will help you to avoid data loss or any loss of work, from day to day or over the long term.

Unlike in some other programs where work is continually saved to the file, Archicad’s Autosave function is only for recovering work when there has been a system crash. However, it is still risky to rely on Autosave, since occasionally this file may be damaged in conjunction with a system problem or may not work if you don’t start Archicad before you open your file.

It’s essential to save your work several times during your session using the File ➔ Save command or the equivalent keyboard shortcut (WIN: Ctrl + S or macOS: cmd⌘ + S).

Don’t go all day, or even several hours without saving — you’re taking an unnecessary risk! Hit save whenever you stop to think, take a phone call or you don’t want to repeat something — you’ll be glad you did.

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