TEST – Advanced Part Modelling

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    “For me, Solidworks is simply another tool to do my work. I am usually too busy to delve into the finer details of modelling or part and assembly manipulation, so it was refreshing to do the Solidworks Best Practises course at Central Innovation and learn how to optimise Solidworks and my performance with it as well. After 22 years of using Solidworks (Starting on 1997Plus) there was still “Light Bulb” moments. Learning how Solidworks orders its processes and simple techniques for inputting sketch details and features will definitely increase my productivity. The modern training room is quite conducive to learning with a leafy outlook and the small class size meant interaction with the instructor was easy.”


    Norman Berry,  BD Industrial Design – Engineering Manager, Memjet Australia

Learn how to create complex models. This online course teaches you how to create complex parts and use more advanced features including sweeps, lofts, boundaries and every type of fillet.
  • Sketching with Spline
  • Multibody Solids: How they work
  • Uses of Multibody Solids
  • Introduction to Sweeping
  • Working with Curves
  • Advanced Sweeping

  • Learning Objectives
    On completion of this course you will know how to create complex freeform parts associated with consumer product design. Create multibody parts and split them to create assemblies. Use advanced features to generate custom solid model part designs

    Solidworks Essentials. At least one month using software.

    Delivery Mode
    3 Days Virtual Classroom

    Qualification Issued
    Certificate of Achievement

    More About This Course
    Users who need to create complex parts and want to learn how to use more advanced features; including sweeps, lofts, boundaries, and every type of fillet

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