Revit to Archicad Essentials, AU

  • Learn to translate your existing Revit BIM knowledge into Archicad, a leading building information modeling solution

ArchiCAD is a leading Building Information Modelling (BIM) software solution for the construction industry. It is the preferred design, documentation and building data management application of more than 150,000 architects and design professional worldwide.
ArchiCAD Essential Skills is the fundamental component of the GRAPHISOFT BIM training series. This abbreviated version provides you wit hthe information of the full 3 day course whilst working with your existing knowledge of BIM
You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you will become proficient in the software, and at the power of ArchiCAD for Architectural practice.

This course includes:
ArchiCAD Essentials
  • A short history of Graphisoft

  • Introduction to ArchiCAD

  • Comparison of ArchiCAD and Revit Interface

  • How Tools, Properties and navigation work

  • Important Concepts

  • Project Setup

  • Drawings and Modelling
  • Fundamental Drawing Tools

  • Fundamental Modelling Tools

  • Introduction to new ArchiCAD Tools

  • Project Management
  • The Navigator

  • Project startup and preferences

  • Objects and Libraries

  • Zones

  • Basic Stairs and Railings

  • Dimensioning and Annotation

  • View Filters

  • Managing Drawings and Layouts

  • Detailing

  • Basic Scheduling

  • The Organiser and Publishing

  • Learning Objectives
    This 2 day training was developed specifically for the Revit user transitioning to Archicad or those seeking to add ArchiCAD to their skill set. Already having experience iwth BIM software, this course aims to translate your existing knowledge into ArchiCAD language and skills.

    This course is suited to those already experienced with BIM modelling and understands drafting and documentation in 3D

    Delivery Mode
    2 days virtual classroom

    Qualification Issued
    Certificate of Achievement

    More About This Course
    Participants will need the following to ensure effective participation in a virtual classroom setting:
    A quiet space to concentrate for the day. (your own training space)
    Stable internet connection.
    Ideally two screens to watch the training while performing the training exercises.
    Speakers and Microphone.
    For the minimum system requirements click here
    Software requirements

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