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SOLIDWORKS Term licenses and SolidNetwork Licenses (SNL)

Articles Rob Keogh 10 November 2022

SOLIDWORKS Term licenses and SolidNetwork Licenses (SNL)

SOLIDWORKS Term licenses and SolidNetwork Licenses (SNL)

Term Licences are SOLIDWORKS desktop licences that you lease for 3-12 months rather than buying the Desktop licence and paying subscription.

This term licensing was only available to be used in a desktop environment – but is now going to be extended to SolidNetwork Licences (SNL). This means that those with SNL licences can request a term licence from 3-12 months and add it to their SNL manager to be used by staff. Term Licences will be available for all SOLIDWORKS desktop products including SolidNetWork License (SNL).

This allows you to accommodate a surge period in your design and manufacturing environment, or when you are unsure whether an increase in need for an extra license is going to be ongoing.

This is great addition for administrators and allows them to pay significantly less to add a license especially if they are unsure or only require it for a certain amount of time. It includes all the current term licenses such as Simulation, Composer, MBD, Flow, Electrical, plastics, Simulation Premium to name a few.

To help administrators streamline license management, the November release also brings enhancements to SolidNetWork License Manager Server. These enhancements include the ability to easily add/remove new serial numbers without the need to modify the installation, manage license renewals and activations by clearly differentiating between term licenses and perpetual licenses, and sort by column (e.g. by Product, Expires, # licenses, and more) to help focus on licenses that need immediate action.


In addition to Commercial clients, SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing will be available for all products in the Research portfolios on November 21, 2022, and the EDU portfolio in January 2023.

Term Period

Term Licensing will be available for 3 months and 1 year.


  • SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing products are available as single-user licenses or SolidNetWork Licenses (SNL).
  • Enhancements for SNL Term Licensing are included in the SOLIDWORKS 2023 release and onward. For the best experience, we recommend that customers who purchase SNL term licenses use the SolidNetWork License Manager 2023 and SOLIDWORKS 2023 version products.
  • SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing products support Commercial licenses as well as Research licenses. Support for EDU licenses is coming in January 2023.
  • SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing products use the same installation manager, license manager, and activation process as perpetual license products.


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