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Connecting systems, people and processes

Creativity. It’s at the heart of many architectural, engineering and construction organisations.

If only documenting, constructing, and collaborating on ideas, was easier. Systems not talking. Files not able to be opened. Quality not up to scratch. Processes that have to be done manually.

Sometimes, all it takes is some inside, expert knowledge and training on how certain processes can be done. Other times, it may require a piece of middleware to connect two systems. At times, the entire workflow itself needs an update.

Because every practice, business or design process is unique, one size does not fit all. It’s a challenge.

To optimise your organisation’s design process and workflows, we offer access to our developers and consultants who are CAD and BIM experts. Our consultants focus on solutions that are fit for purpose and have demonstrated business outcomes.

Our BIM Solutions
We have thorough knowledge of the BIM lifecycle. We have worked on a range of projects including: content creation, BIM modelling across a range of platforms (ARCHICAD, REVIT, DDS-CAD, Solibri, Artlantis), clash detection and resolution.

Contact us for BIM solutions and advice on how to streamline workflows and system integration to achieve time and cost savings in the design process.


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