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Connecting systems, people and processes

Technology is at the heart of every business. Driving finance. Controlling production. Building relationships.

As the role of technology has increased, so too has the need for it to connect, communicate and integrate.

Yet, all too often, the platforms behind the technology live in isolated worlds. Different vendors, inherited systems, niche solutions. They all need to work together, if efficiencies are to be realised.

Yet, how often is there a manual process? Duplicated systems? Legacy issues? New challenges?

At Central Innovation, we have over 25 years’ experience in successfully bringing together software, hardware, systems and people.

Our exceptional understanding of specialist CAD software and integrated systems (such as SOLIDWORKS PDM data management, DataSuite and ERP) means we bring a unique set of skills to help automate workflow processes.

Drawing on remarkable technical expertise, as well as proven knowledge of business processes, we provide access to a team of some of Australia’s most experienced developers and consultants.

Our commitment is to identify, deliver and integrate IT efficiencies. Not just in the design department, but to the business units that interface with them.

Our aim is always to deliver outstanding service, provide an excellent level of support, and develop solutions that are practical as well as cost efficient.

Contact us for out-of-the-box solutions and advice on how to streamline workflows and system integration to achieve time and cost savings in the design process.


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