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Break down the barriers to growth

Every business needs to grow. Whether that’s in size, in quality of projects, or in the excellence of what they do.

Yet it’s difficult to grow if your systems and processes are inefficient, or your team lack knowledge, experience and skills.

Take your business to the next level through improved workflows and processes. With powerful, intuitive software, you can speed up the process by collaborating, sharing and simulating.

Create documentation quickly and easily, and share it with people inside, and outside, your business.

Break down the barriers and bottlenecks to empower the design process. Make time-consuming tasks a thing of the past. Take the competition head on.

Impress current and prospective clients with 3D models, animations, and photo-realistic renderings.

Explore better, more efficient processes. Get systems talking to each other, seamlessly connected and easy to manage.

Give your people the right skills to harness the power of the latest technology. If needed, get more or better people.

And run it all on hardware that’s lightning-fast, backed by the best technical support and warranties.

No matter what size your business, the opportunities for growth are there.

At Central Innovation, we can provide all – or part – of the solution. Including SOLIDWORKS, ARCHICAD, and many more industry-leading tools.

It’s something we’ve been doing for almost 30 years. Our commitment to customer service is second to none: we help you get the best out of your technology.

For a truly unique solution to your unique challenges, please contact us. Or read about some of the great services and solutions we offer.


We recommend:

For manufacturers: SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Visualize, SOLIDWORKS PremiumSOLIDWORKS PDM ProfessionalDataSuite

For architects: ARCHICAD with BIMxBIMCloud, Ci Tools, Solibri model checker, Artlantis renderRhinoceros

For MEP engineers: DDS-CAD MechanicalDDS-CAD ElectricalDDS-CAD Building, DDS-CAD PV