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Training and skills to improve innovation and productivity

Your business is only as good as its people. If they’re not up to speed with the latest 3D CAD design technology and skills, it’s the business that suffers.

Rather than thinking of training as a cost, think of it as an investment: one that pays off immediately with increased productivity, happier clients, and more satisfied staff.

At Central Innovation, we have been helping clients transform their design, engineering and manufacturing processes for almost 30 years. Thousands of people have done training courses with Central Innovation’s reseller companies, Graphisoft and Intercad.

We offer a huge variety of comprehensive training courses across the SOLIDWORKS, ARCHICAD, Artlantis, Solibri and DDS-CAD software suites.

Our lecturers have worked in industry, leading teams and designing products and systems. They are passionate about passing on their knowledge, and experiences. They deliver subject matter in a blended manner – instructional, hands-on experiential, and social.

Students work with world-leading 3D design, simulation, technical-communication software run on hardware specifically made for computer-aided design.

And the course you or your team need is conveniently available in five States – Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia – plus key regional cities, and in New Zealand.

At Central Innovation, we can provide all – or part – of the training solution.

It’s something we’ve been doing for almost 30 years. Our commitment to the industry is second to none: we help you get the best out of your technology.

For a truly unique solution to your unique challenges, please contact us. Or read about some of the great services and solutions we offer.


We recommend:

For manufacturers: SOLIDWORKS Foundations course

For AEC: ARCHICAD Free Trial