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Streamline, automate and simulate for a quicker process

Time is money. It’s an old saying, but so very true.

Inefficient systems, sluggish hardware, out-of-date software solutions, people who aren’t up to speed with the latest design thinking. They all slow the process down: not just making projects more costly, but potentially losing future work.

As competition becomes ever-more global, it’s vital that you reduce the time to design, develop and manufacture products or designs, and speed up the time-to-market.

The right 3D software helps you to streamline, automate and simulate your ideas far more quickly and easily. Effortlessly find and repurpose files, parts, and drawings, and share design information. Empower even non-technical users to create dynamic graphical content that brings your most complex products clearly and effectively to life.

Make sure you have lightning-fast hardware to design, render and simulate your designs. At Central Innovation, we have developed some of the fastest workstations in the world.

Save time with streamlined design processes and reduced manual practices. Make sure you can integrate design tools, applications and databases across your organisation.

And ensure your people are fully trained in how to harness the remarkable power and efficiencies of this world-class software and hardware. Or recruit new people to build your capacity and reduce bottlenecks.

At Central Innovation, we can provide all – or part – of the solution. Including SOLIDWORKS, ARCHICAD, and many more industry-leading tools.

It’s something we’ve been doing for almost 30 years. Our commitment to customer service is second to none: we help you get the best out of your technology.

For a truly unique solution to your unique challenges, please contact us. Or read about some of the great services and solutions we offer.


We recommend:

For manufacturers: SOLIDWORKS ProfessionalStandardSOLIDWORKS Simulation StandardSOLIDWORKS Plastics, SOLIDWORKS VisualizeSOLIDWORKS PDM ProfessionalDataSuite

For architects: ARCHICAD with BIMxBIMCloud, Ci Tools

For MEP engineers: DDS-CAD mechanicalDDS-CAD electricalDDS-CAD Building