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Automotive & Transport CAD Solutions

An era of change

Transportation is facing an era of unprecedented change. Autonomous vehicles. Emissions and regulation. Uberisation. Connected cars. Customers who look for a service, rather than a product – shifting away from ownership.

Designing solutions for road, rail, sea and pipeline transportation is increasingly complex. You need the right tools to design and develop efficient responses to growing challenges. To collaborate. Explore, and refine.

At Central Innovation, we understand. Not just the tools you need, but the reasons why.

We’re not focussed on selling you anything in particular: but on providing a solution that delivers.

Perhaps you need tools to help improve the efficiency of the design process.

To make sharing and collaborating across different disciplines easier.

Maybe you need hardware with the power to crunch through complex visualisation.

Or more people with proven skills.

For almost 30 years, Central Innovation has provided the software, hardware, people and systems integration to get things done. We’ve sourced the very best options from around the world. And, where they don’t exist, we’ve created them. All backed by a total commitment to customer service.

Take a look around. Explore the options. Then contact us.

Let us help you face the challenges, and succeed.