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Landscape Design CAD Solutions

Redefining and empowering your role

Landscape design has a big role to play. Not just the aesthetics of a space, but bigger issues such as sustainability, redefining spaces and protecting natural resources.

Yet it’s a discipline that’s rarely understood or valued. It’s not just about planting gardens but managing the interface between the natural and built world.

At Central Innovation, we understand. Not just the tools you need, but the reasons why.

We’re not focused on selling you anything in particular: but on providing a solution that delivers.

Perhaps you want a more efficient documentation process. Being able to design and document a large scale project with a small team.

Or seamlessly share different files types with clients, other designers and engineers.

Or the power to create stunning images and virtual reality to bring your ideas to life for others.

Maybe you want tools that are easier to maintain and manage.

For almost 30 years, Central Innovation has provided the softwarehardware, people and systems integration to get things done. We’ve sourced the very best options from around the world. And, where they don’t exist, we’ve created them. All backed by a total commitment to customer service.

Take a look around, for real solutions. Then contact us.

Let us help you change, manage and inspire your world.