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Home building CAD Solutions

Making designs a virtual reality

A booming population, and growing cities. It’s easy to imagine the building industry is having an easy time.

But profitability is low. And productivity has barely improved for decades. Add to that increased competition and a more discerning buyer, and the challenges are many.

What helps is being able to adapt designs faster. Bring homes to life. Manage files and documents more easily.

At Central Innovation, we understand. Not just the tools you need, but the reasons why.

We’re not focussed on selling you anything in particular: but on providing a solution that delivers.

Perhaps you want to use virtual reality and walk-throughs to give buyers a more accurate, and exciting, idea of your design.

Or speed up documentation to settle sooner.

Maybe it’s an easier way to track and maintain templates, libraries and important files.

For almost 30 years, Central Innovation has provided the softwarehardware, people and systems integration to get things done. We’ve sourced the very best options from around the world. And, where they don’t exist, we’ve created them. All backed by a total commitment to customer service.

Take a look around, for real solutions. Then contact us.

Let us help you make a better solution a reality.